What Are The People Like?

Brno Center

Czechs are generally quiet people who seldom show emotion.  They are slow to trust others and are very private. Most Czech people seldom move to a first-name basis with people outside their extended family or one or two very close friends. This is why it is sometimes difficult to establish close friendships; however, when friendships do develop you will find Czechs to be fun loving people who are very proud of their heritage.

Busy street in BrnoOne way we have found to form friendships with Czechs is at camps.  Camps of any kind are a very important part of the Czech culture.  Both English camps and sports camps are quite popular.  When Czechs attend a camp, they tend to smile, talk more, and form friendships with others.

Communism and Atheism have strongly influenced the minds of Czech people. A government that preached “THERE IS NO GOD” and persecuted Christians has created the idea that these strong and proud people only need to rely on themselves… that religion is for other, weaker, people.

centerThe family is the center of the social structure for Czech people; however, divorce, adultery, and teen pregnancy are serious problems in the Czech culture as the institution of marriage seems to be fading away.  On the surface, many Czech people appear to “have it all together.” But, as alcohol, suicide, pornography and superstitions are rampant in Czech Republic, even among children, their need for Christ is glaringly apparent.